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I believe if you are going to live in it, you should LOVE it. You should be excited to come home to it everyday and be proud to show it off. I want to inspire you to make your home what you have always dreamed of. It doesn't matter how big or small the space is, it is what you do with that space that makes all the difference. I'll show you how I make our home something that we live in....and love it and I will show you how I do that on a budget.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Getting It All Together

Yup I've been getting it all together for.....

IHeart Organizing

I've been shopping around for all the right pieces for this challenge and here is what I have put together so far.  Check out the gorgeous white tray under all the stuff, just bought it from Pier 1.  Love I have to find a place for it.

Bought some index dividers with pockets.  Same ones that Jen from iheartorganizing bought for her Family Binder.  I loved them so much, I just had to have them.  Plus I love to shop at Target and so does Jen.

I bought these Dry Erase markers for my Pantry & Freezer list that I'm going to laminate and hang on the side of my frig.  I think that is what will work for our home.  So I figured we would give it a try.  {Target}

And here are the fun magnets that are going to hold up the laminated Pantry & Freezer lists.  {Target}

Bought a 3 hold punch.  {Target}

 I also bought this gorgeous paper for another binder that I'm putting together.  {Michael's}

Here are both of the binders I will be using.  The pretty green & white one is going to be the Family Binder and the other one that I will make pretty will be for all the recipes I print out.

Now I just have to finish putting the Family Binder together.  I need to make labels for each tab and finish printing out the lists that I think will work for our home.  Can't wait to finish this challenge so that I can feel more organized at home.

Thanks for stopping by.  I would love to hear from you, so please leave a message.  Have a wonderful day everyone!!!


  1. So fun to meet a fellow Long Islander. Can't wait to see all the "after" photos from your renovation. This pier 1 tray is super cute!

  2. Hi Amy. I had sent you an email the other day, hope you received it. I can't wait to share all the renovations with everyone too. It is super cute....I had to have it. ;)


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